About us

Ulmus began in the early summer of 2018, when fervent home-baker Yoeri Joosten decided to rent out a small space in the attic of Espressofabriek in Westerpark, Amsterdam. For years he had been baking sourdough bread at home, taking every scrap of information and every idea he could find, continually refining his knowledge and process. With the new bakery space available to him, he started getting his first wholesale customers who helped him build things up from scratch.
A year later, wanting to sell his bakes at the Sunday Market in Westerpark, Elin de Jong joined him to complement the table with the most amazing pastries. Elin had worked in bakeries since she was 16 years old and couldn’t wait to finally bake and develop all the flavors she had always dreamed of.
During the short year at the market they developed some of their much loved products and met some of the lovely customers who still seek out our bakery on a weekly basis today.
Early 2020, with the pandemic still feeling as some distant sound, they decided to look for their own bakery and shop space. Under the pressure of losing all of their revenue when all went into lockdown, a webshop was quickly launched, offering pickup and delivery options throughout Amsterdam. Great success and appreciation followed and when at the end of the year they launched their crowdfunding campaign to fund their very own bakery shop, the goal was achieved within 10 days, launching into a new exciting phase!

Elin & Yoeri